11 WGU MBA Courses with Descriptions

I am a graduate of the Master of Business Administration degree program at Western Governors University and these are the courses that I had to pass in order to complete the MBA at WGU.

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C200 Managing Organizations and Leading People

This first course in the WGU MBA program was a great way to get my feet under me. The course covers different management techniques both modern and classical.

It involves case studies of fortune 500 companies and clearly presents information. What is a manager responsible for? How can they be more effective and what are the different types of leadership styles?

You will even learn what tendencies you have as a leader.

C202 Managing Human Capital

image of a business workspace of human capital.

This course aims to teach you how to best use your employees to get maximum value.

It includes strategies to build organizational morale and how to identify talent.

It felt like a human resources topic and I learned a lot of tangible information for leading people in this MBA course.

C204 Management Communication

This course is an MBA speech course at its core. It deals with communication at all levels of the organization.

From persuasion to conflict management. This was a straight forward course and a nice breather before Operations Management.

C215 Operations Management

This course is all about operations. From supply chain management to retail services. This course runs the gamut and was where the MBA started to become more challenging and time-consuming.

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C211 Global Economics for Managers

This course is all about staying competitive as a company, increasing productivity and fueling growth. I appreciated it’s the global backdrop as I had no exposure to internationally focused business courses.

The world is becoming more globalized every day and this course provided good exposure to other economies and markets.

C212 Marketing

The focus of this marketing course is the marketing function in relation to the overall organization. How exactly does the marketing function fit in with production, finance, research, and development, etc...

I had taken marketing during my undergrad and this felt like a more complete experience.

I did appreciate the focus on product positioning compared to the competition. This was a nice breath of fresh air before accounting.

C213 Accounting for Decision Makers

I was afraid of this course. Hands down, from the beginning of the MBA program at WGU, I had my eyes on this course. I spent some time reading opinions on Reddit and that didn’t help at all.

I advise against doing this mainly because it’s mostly negative and won’t set you up for success. Accounting for Decision-makers was not easy and required a lot of studying for me to grasp.

I had to study my butt off and really buckle down. Break it up into chunks and keep your head down, you will do fine.

C206 Ethical Leadership

Image of business ethics scene in the movie billy madison.

Any time I think of the word ethics, I naturally think of the movie Billy Madison, “Business Ethics.”

This course was all about dealing with ethical decisions managers are faced with. Ethical leadership doesn’t just teach you about recognizing ethical dilemma’s, but a framework in how to deal with them.

This course was definitely a nice break after accounting for decision-makers and prior to financial management.

C214 Financial Management

If any course is considered the “toughest” in the WGU MBA program. This was it for me. Financial management will help you identify if your study habits to this point are sufficient.

This course deals with decision making in regards to corporate funds, capital budgeting, capital management, long-term financing, regulations and more.

Not only will you be required to learn these concepts, but you will have the ability to show your proficiency level by interpreting financial statements.

C207 Data-Driven Decision Making

This is the statistics focused course in the MBA program. You will face problem-solving situations and rely on research and data collection to develop a decision-making framework.

This is the third statistics course that I have taken in my educational career. I felt that it didn’t have nearly as many formulas and math as the others, but it felt much more applicable to business and real-life situations.

C216 MBA Capstone

The MBA Capstone requirement was the final leg of the degree. It took me longer than any other course in the MBA program. Think of it in two parts:

  1. Group simulation

  2. Individual business project

Group Simulation

The group portion of the MBA capstone was very enjoyable. I was in a group of 4 and together we went through the Capsim business simulation. Each member of the group takes on a role within the business simulation. The roles are as follows:

  1. Research and Development

  2. Marketing

  3. Production

  4. Finance (my role)

  5. Human Resources

  6. Total Quality Management (TQM)

Since I took the role of finance, I had to wait until R&D, marketing and production made their changes. Finance is responsible for paying for all the decisions. We did a great job of allowing the person to make their change within the scope of their role but then going over it as a team.

This helped us all get on the same page and agree on the best route through each round. We also collectively performed the responsibilities of human resources and TQM.

There were 8 practice rounds in Capsim and 8 final rounds. I don’t remember our final score, but we were in the top 80 percent or so by the end. We did a good job and we were all happy to be complete.

Individual Business Project

The final leg of the WGU MBA Capstone requirement was completing the individual business project. This requirement has you partner with a business organization acting as your client. I had to help them identify a solution to a business problem they were facing.

The toughest part of this project was finding a business problem that met the WGU requirements but also has a small enough scope to be completed within a reasonable amount of time.

I highly suggest leaning on the course mentor and instructor to get the paperwork approved so you can begin the final project asap. You can have the first 3 tasks completed before beginning the Capsim simulation. I recommend you do this.

My final paper was something like 20-30 pages and took quite a while for me to finish. I found this to be the lengthiest portion of the whole degree. I really had to power through to finish this up.

Final Thoughts

Picture of a motivational message on asphalt that reads, “you got this.”

The MBA program at WGU was a great experience. The courses always felt relevant and flowed nicely. The more difficult courses were spread out and the easiest courses were near the beginning. I felt supported every step of the way and enjoyed my overall experience.

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